Sith Wall put to rest

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Sith Wall put to rest

Postby PeterA » Fri Oct 04, 2013 8:37 pm

We went out today to finally and definitively climb the projects on Sith wall. I don't believe these have been freed before as I couldn't find any definitive records stating they were. But, if they have been done by all means post up. I've given them names and grades but obviously if they have been previously freed, those names will be used.

Tattoine 5.10a 20m/M(2)/T
FA: P. Adamson, K. Maillet Oct. 2013
This route lies about 7m to the right of Sith, just to the right of the fir tree at the top, on the highpoint of Sith wall. Climb through a chossy break in the roof, then continue straight up, joining up with a vertical crack. Follow the crack to the top.

The Force 5.12a 20m/S(4)/b(2)
FA: P. Adamson, K. Maillet Oct. 2013
Found 3m to the right of Tattoine, climb through the roof, then make a hard traverse to the right, into the prominent black streak. Continue up and left, then to the anchors.
Note: It is strongly recommended that the first bolt be stick-clipped on this climb. It may also be a good idea to use locking biners on the first bolt.

The Jedi Order 5.12b 20m/S(5)/b(2)
FA: P. Adamson, K. Maillet Oct. 2013
Found 3m to the right of The Force, Climb up to the roof, pull around, then make a hard traverse to the left, and continue straight up to the anchors.

I think it's quite possible that tattoine was freed before, but I don't believe the other two were. I also added two bolts to the rightmost open project (The Jedi Order) to make the start significantly safer.

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