Bouldering in Gros Morne

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Bouldering in Gros Morne

Postby evan goulet » Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:38 am

Hey Folks!

I'm coming from Halifax to visit NL for the first time, and I'm hoping someone out there can help with some much needed info. I'm having trouble pinning down good places to boulder / hike / camp in Gros Morne.

I have time to get to a couple of grounds in the park, but it's difficult choosing a site without info on the activities around it. Are there particularly good places to boulder in the park? Does anyone know of soft or hard copies of guides to climbing there?

Any info or ideas anyone has would be really appreciated. Looking forward to seeing what The Rock has to offer!

evan goulet
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Re: Bouldering in Gros Morne

Postby bouldering905 » Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:45 pm

ya im heading out there in the next few months would love to find all the good spots!!!!!!
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