extra climbing shoes for grabs!

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extra climbing shoes for grabs!

Postby stoneseeker » Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:52 am

Hey guys,

I recently ordered 3 pairs of shoes of varying sizes and styles from MEC in hopes of 1 pair fitting right, and suiting my fancy.

I ordered: 1 pair of "5.10 Moccasyms". size 8.5 (I'm keeping them)

1 pair of "La Sportiva Muira VS (velcro)" mens size 40 (7.5 US)

1 pair of "La Sportiva Speedsters" slip on. mens size 40 (7.5 US)

Both pairs of La Sportiva's are up for grabs, and the reason I'm letting you guys know, is because if I return them to MEC, (which is what I was gonna do) they will be shipped waaaay back to Vancouver or something I imagine. But these shoes aren't available at our MEC, and are freakin awesome shoes. The Speedsters are the lightest and most sensitive shoe I have ever seen! and everyone knows the Muira's are badass. So, if you think these may fit, and you want to try them on or purchase them, let me know ASAP, and I'll hold off on returning them. Obviously you wont be paying shipping, but prices will still be the same as at MEC. email me lukebuxton@hotmail.com or call 469 9521 if you want a shot at these rad shoes before they hit the MEC shelves again.

later, pebble humpers.
~ Lukey
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