December League Nigh Results!

It’s sharp....really sharp!

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December League Nigh Results!

Postby RobGrandy » Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:30 pm

After neglecting to post November's League Night scores on CEC, I was bombarded with complaints.
Hope you're happy guys...

Luke Buxton generously volunteered to tally up this month’s scores.
He also happened to come in first place in the Men’s category.
Coincidence? You be the judge.
Dominique DOM-inated in the women’s category (Luke also supplied us with that pun)
Stay tuned for info about the bouldering and roped-climbing competitions taking place in February!


Luke B: 10,500
Officer Dropknee: 10,350
Jeff Z: 10,200
Miles: 8,800
Keir C: 8,250
Joe P: 7,550
Toddles: 7,200
Sam M: 5,900
Jack B: 5,550
C: 5,150
Davor: 4,600
Gabe W: 1,800
In the spirit of the season, Rob G, Mike K and Guillaume R all donated their points to a children's charity.


Dominique H: 4050
Heidi H: 2,950
Lydia B: 2,800
Jordan E.H. : 2300
Eileen M: 2200
Laurie S: 1,400
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