Best Places to Boulder in Nova Scotia

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Best Places to Boulder in Nova Scotia

Postby jbo » Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:11 pm


I am new to the board! I am planning a trip to come climbing in Nova Scotia over the summer(august) for 1 week and was looking for some beta:

-where to stay
-where to boulder

Seems like there are numerous areas to climb. Dover Island seemed interesting but it also seems like spending a week on island might be a lot when there is so much additional rock in the area.

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Re: Best Places to Boulder in Nova Scotia

Postby stoneseeker » Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:05 pm

Since your coming in August you would want to avoid some of the deep woods areas unless you fancy getting eaten alive.

Dover Island offers the best concentration of coastal bouldering, and is a good bet to avoid bugs, but there are a number of other great bouldering spots on the ocean too. Use the CNS mobeta ( topo to look at Chebucto Head (excellent lines), Prospect (not the greatest quality, but beautiful, and easy access) , Polly's Cove (really good climbing, parts might be pretty buggy still), and Crystal Crescent Beach (also not the greatest lines, but nice walk with awesome beach.)

Opposite side of the highway from Polly's is LOC, which has arguably some of our nicest boulders in a pretty unique setting, easily one of my favourite areas to take out-of-towners, but it will be pretty bad for bugs that time of year. Some brave it anyway, especially mid-day during the heat when the bugs might be less aggressive.

Don't know about places to stay as much, are you looking for hostels? camping? motels?
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