Road Trip

We do have climbers here, really!

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Road Trip

Postby JennyC » Sun Aug 13, 2006 1:56 pm

Hello fellow Climbing Peoples who are here on PEI,
I feel we should start a support group to get over that fact, but that perhaps is a different post. Just wondering if anyone would like to skip the GoldCup & Saucer Parade this week-end and head over to Welsford or Hali. A voyage in search of the Holy Grail- Real Rock.
- Jenn
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Postby thicks » Mon Aug 14, 2006 9:37 am

Jenn, I suggest you post this message in teh NB board too, you might be able to pick up a carpool-er or two in Moncton.
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road trip

Postby shannon » Mon Sep 25, 2006 10:34 am


Sorry I missed your post. I'd be up for a weekend in October or November to go to Welsford, but can't take my car as my wife and kids will need it. :~(

I have some gear for toproping, but do not know the area very well.

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Postby Matt Peck » Tue Feb 27, 2007 8:23 pm

Hey JC,
any plans to escape the evil clutches of the CTown for climbing in the upcoming season?
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