Good news for Canadaian Comp Climbing

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Good news for Canadaian Comp Climbing

Postby john » Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:05 pm

The IFSC was very happy with this winters NACC in Montreal, it takes alot to impress those guys but the comp was run very well. This bodes well for Canada some day being allowed to host world cups. I would like to see us host one. It is quite a process to get the green light, but we are working towards it!

We need to get our youth program up to par, US won every youth gold, but only half of the adult.

Quoted from IFSC site.

2008-12-07 20:26
The North America Championship closes the 2008 season
In Montreal United States win 14 gold medals, Canada 2.

Exciting final day in Montreal.
The kids of category C and D (under 14) - Lead - opened the show in front of the 800 audience that filled the Horizon climbing center in Montreal, Canada.
The atmosphere became hot for the older (official) categories, awarding the official titles. Lead opened the event and the USA won all the gold medals, but one: Sean McColl (CAN) is the 2008 North America Champion, same gold for Tiffany Hensley (USA). Silver medals went to Mauricio Herta (MEX) and Paige Claassen (USA), bronze to Bret Johnston and Emily Harrington, both USA.The 2008 Lead Youth North American Champions are: Juniors: Michael Foley (USA) and Elizabeth Broun (USA); Youth A: Michael Bautista (USA) and Sasha Digiulan (USA); Youth B: Julian Bautista (USA) and Michaela Kiersch (USA).

The Speed event confirmed the power of the USA Team, although the men's podium was all for Canada: John Bowles got the gold, Benoit Dubois silver and Dan Archambault bronze. All stars and stripes the women, with Mikael Ann McGinley gold, Darla Pienciak silver and Rachel Minery bronze.
The 2008 Speed Youth North American Champions are: Juniors: Audrey Gawrych (USA) and Cory Scott (USA); Youth A: Amanda Sutton (USA) and Nic Sutton (USA); Youth B: Francesca Metcalf (USA) and Josh Levin (USA).

Over three days more than 200 athletes competed for the 2008 North American championship in both senior and junior categories, Lead and Speed.

The event was hosted by the Horizon climbing center, one of the biggest in America, and saw the presence of IFSC President Marco Scolaris, as well as of Presidents of AAC-CEC Andy Weldon, USAC Pete Torcicollo and FMDMYE Alfredo Velasquez.
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Re: Good news for Canadaian Comp Climbing

Postby bns » Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:13 pm

On that note the youth comp in Annapolis Royal yesterday was great. The kids had a blast and are super psyched for climbing (indoors and outdoors). Watch for comp pics on and cns
Congrats to Derick Smith for all the energy he's been putting in at the gym.

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