CNS Boulderfest 2009

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CNS Boulderfest 2009

Postby mick » Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:56 pm

Boulderfest tickets are on sale now. If you're coming, buy a ticket online or at a vendor today!

August 1-2nd, Dover Island, just $40 for CNS members, $50 for Non-members.

There will be heaps of prizes from all our sponsors, delicious food, beautiful weather, good times and great bouldering for more details and video footage of some of Dover Island's classic lines
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Re: CNS Boulderfest 2009

Postby mick » Sun Jul 26, 2009 9:28 pm

Boulderfest is this coming weekend and it's going to be the biggest climbing event you have ever seen. Don't miss out or you have to wait another year!

Tickets still available at just $40 for CNS members, only $50 for non-members at

Here's what you get:

-Over 100 high quality boulder problems, beautiful scenery, perfect conditions with sunshine and coastal breeze, swimming

-Boat to and back from Dover Island, Free parking on the main land

-Stuffed pasta dinner with fresh sauces, fresh coffee, bagels with cream cheese and fruit for breakfast, energy bars and drinks

Goodie bag:
-Event t-shirt, Climbing tape, Chalk, Flashlight, Gatorade, Clif bar, Island guide book with scorecard and pencil

Prizes up for grabs:
-North Face sleeping bags, North Face backpacks, Dinner for two at the Wooden Monkey, Punch pass to Ground Zero, Punch pass to the Rock Court, Punch pass to the Yoga Loft, Bluewater ropes, Evolve footwear, Gift certificate at Cyclesmith, Gift certificate to Ideal Bikes

Bonus goodness:
-Sunday morning sun salutation yoga session courtesy of the Yoga Loft, Friendly comp format with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced categories, Evening camp fire, Medic on site and free sunscreen, Washroom facilities with hand sanitizer, Red Bull surprises, Extra crash pads available and probably climbing shoes on request.

You would be crazy not to come to this event. Buy your ticket today online at or in Halifax at MEC, Trail Shop, or Ground Zero Climbing gym.

You need to bring your own:
-Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, toiletries, towel
-Spoon and fork and large mug or bowl
-At least 2L of water per person (NO GLASS CONTAINERS)

If you miss this you better be dead or in jail - and if you're in jail BREAK OUT

Tickets still available at just $40 for CNS members, only $50 for non-members at
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