Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour - Fredericton 2010

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Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour - Fredericton 2010

Postby UNB Rock & Ice Club » Tue Dec 15, 2009 7:20 pm


Presented by the UNB Rock & Ice Club and The Radical Edge

Fridays, January 29th & Saturday January 30th, 7pm
McLaggan Hall Theatre, UNB Campus

Tickets: $12 advance, $14 at door.
Tickets on sale now at the Radical Edge and in January at the UNB climbing wall.

Come to the Banff Mountain Film Festival — for adventure, for excitement, for the inspiration of mountain stories. Experience the exhilarating beauty of mountain landscapes. Meet the world’s top adventurers. Listen to their stories. Relive their challenges. Reconnect with adventure.

For more information visit the official site of the Banff Center.
To preview the official trailer go to Youtube

The program for Fredericton's festival:

1. Revolution One - Unicycling
2. Mont Blanc Speed Flying - Speed Flying
3. Take a Seat - Human Story/Adventure
--- Break ---
4. First Ascent: Alone on the Wall - Rock Climbing
5. Signatures: Canvas of Snow - Skiing
6. Azazel - Mountaineering
7. Project Megawoosh - Humour

1. The Ultimate Skiing Showdown - Nordic Skiing/Humour
2. Hunlen - Ice Climbing
3. Finding Farley - Canoeing/Adventure
--- Break ---
4. Kranked – Revolve - Mountain Biking
5. Pick-up Sticks - Environment
6. To the Rainbow - Rock Climbing/Human Story
7. Africa Revolutions Tour - Kayaking
8. MedeoZ - Multisport/Humour

Africa Revolutions Tour
USA, 2009, 20 minutes
Directed by Rush Sturges
Produced by Tyler Bradt
Classification: Parental Guidance - coarse language
Focus: White-water kayaking, Sun Catcher’s Project (NGO in Africa)
To make Africa Revolutions Tour, six professional kayakers teamed up with the founder of the Sun Catchers Project, Rita Riewerts. As the boys take on everything from the crocodile-infested White Nile in Uganda to big-water first descents in Madagascar, Rita journeys alongside bringing solar ovens to orphanages, hospitals and communities along the way.

France, 2007, 22 minutes
Directed and produced by: Guillaume Broust
Classification: General - no advisory
Focus: Mountaineering, family friendly
Azazel follows four friends’ twenty day effort to establish a new route at Pakistan’s Trango Pulpit Tower. These climbers’ down-to-earth nature and goofy sense of humour makes the mythic 6000 metre climb look like child’s play, though it’s anything but.

Finding Farley
Winner of Grand Prize Award, sponsored by Mountain Equipment Co-op
People's Choice Award, sponsored by Timex
Canada, 2009, 63 minutes
Directed by Leanne Allison
'Produced by Tracy Friesen
Classification: General – coarse langague, nudity
Focus: Adventure, culture, family-friendly (however, please also refer to classification)
When filmmakers Karsten Heuer and Leanne Allison, along with their two-year-old son Zev and indomitable dog Willow, set out to retrace the literary footsteps of Farley Mowat, they meant it literally. Their 5000-kilometre trip -- trekking, sailing, portaging and paddling from the Prairies to the Maritimes -- is captured in this film. The family's arrival at their final destination (Mowat's Nova Scotian summer home) is, as Karsten says, "an affirmation of what the land and animals had already told us". "Stories aren't so much written or created as they are released, expressing what's been there all along.

First Ascent: Alone on the Wall
USA, 2009, 24 minutes
Directed and produced by Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen
Classification: General – coarse language
Focus: Rock Climbing, free solo climbing
New from renowned climbing filmmakers, Sender Films, First Ascent: Alone on the Wall follows 24-year-old Alex Honnold as he readies himself for an unbelievable challenge: the first free-solo of the ‘Regular Northwest Face’ route (VI, 5.12a, 23 pitches) on Yosemite’s Half Dome.

Canada, 2009, 12 minutes
Directed and produced by Will Gadd
Classification: General - no advisory
Focus: Ice climbing
What happens if you show up to climb one of the biggest frozen waterfalls in Canada but it isn't completely frozen? In Hunlen, Canadian boys Will Gadd and EJ Plimley kid their way through a nail-biting first ascent of B.C.'s remote Hunlen Falls. The climbing is technical—all 1,000 feet of it—but it’s the giant slabs of ice breaking free beside the route that makes the climbers nervous.

Kranked - Revolve
Canada, 2009, 11 minutes
Directed and produced by Bjørn Enga
Classification: General - coarse language
Focus: Mountain biking
Kranked – Revolve is a high-adrenaline mountain bike journey from the insane Megavalanche race in the French Alps to the lush coast of British Columbia, incorporating dirt jump, trail, freeride, slopestyle and downhill riding.

France, 2008, 6 minutes
Directed and Produced by Guillaume Broust
Classification: General – no advisory
Focus: Multi-sport, humour, family-friendly
Filmed and edited in just five days at the 2008 Nissan Outdoor Games in Chamonix, MedeoZ is the story of a photographer’s mission to capture six mountain sports in a single shot. As the world class climber, skier, snowboarder, speed rider, paraglider, and BASE jumper race to meet one another, Guillaume Broust readies himself for the perfect moment to close the shutter.

Mont-Blanc Speed Flying
Award for Best Short Mountain Film, sponsored by Mountain Hardwear
France, 2008, 10 minutes
Directed and produced by Didier Lafond
Classification: General – no advisory
Focus: Speed riding, family-friendly
An excerpt from the sequel to the 1980s cult ski film Apocalypse Snow, Mont-Blanc Speed Flying is a breathtaking continuous shot that follows a group of six speed riders from the upper slopes of Mont Blanc down to Chamonix.

Pick-up Sticks
Canada, 2009, 9 minutes
Directed by: Julia Szucs
Producd by: Steve Smith
Classification: General – no advisory
Focus: Environment, family-friendly
Pick-up Sticks offers viewers a bird’s eye view of the effects of climate change. Filmed in the midst of a seabird colony on the edge of an Arctic coastal headland, this family-friendly film illustrates how marine environmental change is affecting the delicate balance of life for a hardy creature of the northern seas.

Project Megawoosh
Special Jury Mention
Germany, 2009, 4 minutes
Directed by Minh Duong
Produced by Nikolas Hannack
Classification: General, no advisory
Focus: Humour
In its first week on the internet, the viral video Project Megawoosh received roughly 1.4 million hits. Soon after, the filmmakers created a special extended cut for the Banff Mountain Film Festival, which went on to receive a Special Jury Mention in Banff. Showcasing Bruno Kammerl’s test run of the world’s tallest water slide, Project Megawoosh will leave you in stitches.

Revolution One
USA, 2009, 10 minutes
Directed and Produced by Dan Heaton
Classification: Parental Guidance - coarse language
Focus: Unicycling
Revolution One follows world champion unicyclists Kris Holm and Dan Heaton as they perform on one wheel what most wouldn’t dare to attempt on two. Bouncing and sliding over rocks, logs, and rails, these daredevils showcase the emerging sport of off-road unicycling.

Signatures: Canvas of Snow
USA, 2009, 16 minutes
Directed by: Nick Waggoner
Produced by" Ben Sturgulewski
Classification: General - no advisory
Focus: Skiing, snowboarding and noboarding
In Japan there is a cultural connection to the different signatures of terrestrial home - a sense that the rhythm of fall, winter, spring and summer influences the rhythm of the person, their energy, their riding style and the lines they choose. This special edit for the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, Signatures: Canvas of Snow, features skiers, snowboarders, a photographer and a noboarder—each in tune with this connection to winter and the environment they ride in.

Take a Seat
Special Jury Mention
UK, 2009, 46 minutes
Directed by: Ed Stobart, Dominic Gill
Produced by: Lucy Wilcox
Classification: General - nudity
Focus: Human story, adventure, biking
In 2006, Dominic Gill set out from the northern coast of Alaska with a tandem bike, a camera, and a heavy trailer. The destination was the southernmost tip of South America, but the goal was to find strangers to help peddle the 220lb bike. Recipient of a Special Jury Mention at the 2009 Banff Mountain Film Festival, Take a Seat, is a gripping, touching, and downright funny tale of extraordinary characters and incidents encountered over Gill’s two year journey across two continents.

To the Rainbow
UK, 2009, 14 minutes
Directed by Dave Brown
Produced by Lynwen Griffiths
Classification: General – no advisory
Focus: Rock climbing, human story
Paul Pritchard was one of Britain’s most talented and outrageous climbers in the late 1980s. A head injury received while climbing the Totem Pole in Tasmania left Pritchard with hemiplegia. To the Rainbow documents Pritchard’s emotional return to climbing thirteen years later. Teaming up with his old climbing partner, the legendary Johnny Dawes, he takes on a 5.10 route on The Rainbow in Northern Wales.
The Ultimate Skiing Showdown
Canada, 2009, 4 minutes
Directed and produced by David McMahon
Classification: General - no advisory
Focus: Nordic Skiing, Family-friendly
Showcasing some of the fastest skiers on Earth in juxtaposition with the sickest stunts in Nordic skiing, The Ultimate Skiing Showdown, puts the ‘X’ in x-country skiing.
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Re: Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour - Fredericton 2010

Postby UNB Rock & Ice Club » Thu Jan 14, 2010 2:18 pm

Two weeks away! Tickets still left but selling fast. BUMP.
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