Getting pumped with a small woodie

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Getting pumped with a small woodie

Postby cory » Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:01 pm

Stop laughing.
Here are the rules to a training game (best done with a partner, but also fun if you're all alone with nothing better to do. A threesome is possible but it's less work for at least one of you). It is a great way to work on endurance and clipping stances when you're bored with all the routes you've taped up on your home wall:

1. Player one starts from any hold(s) that are tape-free.
2. Using any tape-free holds he (or she) moves at will, until using any single taped hold.
3. Without loosing contact with that taped hold, peel off all the tape associated with that hold. (Matching is permitted, but once you've contacted it with a foot or hand, that foot or hand must stay on the hold)
4. This hold is now free for use, along with all other tape-fee holds.
5. Player one continues to move in this fashion, removing tape only from a hold that is being used, and only using one taped hold at a time.
6. When snookered, or unable to hang on, player one rests while player two takes a turn.
7. Player two follows all the above rules in the same fashion. When player two fails, player one goes again. And so on.
8. If a player pumps out and falls from a hold before removing all of its tape, the tape must be removed by that player on their next turn, with the same appendage on that hold as their previous attempt.
9. Rule 8 may not apply if the opposing player is generous enough to remove the tape for their partner who couldn't handle the throbbing pain. (consider using a safeword)
10. Be safe and wear rubber.
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Re: Getting pumped with a small woodie

Postby Scooter » Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:45 pm

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