Lost err... lens cap at Area 51

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Lost err... lens cap at Area 51

Postby Rowan » Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:18 pm

Kind of a long shot, hail Mary pass here but anyway, I dropped a lens cap (typical black construction, spring-activated, says LUMIX on it) about a week ago somewhere either at Area 51 or on the trail out* of Area 51 in Nova Scotia's rugged, expansive Land of Confusion, so if anybody finds it or has found it I'd love to get it back. Cheap little thing but I imagine finding a replacement is going to be a hassle. ThankS!!

* Speaking of which, there really *isn't* a trail to or from Area 51, is there? I mean, I'm pretty good at navigation in the backcountry (being one of the few people to have beaten Mantracker on his home turf of Kananaskis... although admittedly this was during Season 3 when Mantracker was having problems with his common-law relationship and was hitting the sauce pretty heavily and wasn't fully focused on Mantracking) but each time I've tried to find area 51 it's involved going in a wide then narrowing spiral until eventually hitting the right ridge. And the guidebook instructions aren't that helpful either - follow a trail (which vanishes) to the top of the ridge (there's like half a dozen ridges), marked with cairns (the ridges are strewn with piles of stones which all might be cairns, or might have been a cairn at one point). Anyway, I guess I'm not complaining, it's all good fun, but it's awfully hard not to violate the guidebook's advisory to 'stick to the trails' here.
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