Donated BINERS: High SCHOOL request

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Donated BINERS: High SCHOOL request

Postby Stacey » Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:52 am

I received this request from a colleague of mine...if anyone could help out - that'd be great. I'll be in Fredericton this evening and could pick up! otherwise I'm in Moncton.... Thanks in advance (please send me a PM)

.....I am trying to create about 5 stations where students use pulleys in various configurations to lift about 25 lbs to a height of 5 ft. NOT LIVE LOAD! We currently have small pulleys to lift a max of 250 g and students spend about 2 hours of frigging with strings that fall off all for only 10 min of lab time.

I would like to acquire some RETIRED Biners and Pulleys to set up some real stations with enough of a load that they can FEEL the difference. I need about 5 stations, each with different configurations. Some retired webbing and rope would also be useful . Hoping you can help me out.You know what kind of a budget public education has!! Can you forward some of this along to your peeps?? ....
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