selling EVERYTHING ( well almost)

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selling EVERYTHING ( well almost)

Postby new to NB » Wed Jul 24, 2013 4:52 pm

Well I have to send more time any money at the golf course. :twisted: ( yes I know ice season is off season for the course, but then you have hockey... enough of me justifying to myself why, here it goes.

Grivel X Monster Ice Tools ( used on time, at hays falls) 190.00 pair
Black diamond Raven Mountaineering axe ( the first time you put it in your hand your sold) 50.00
Black Diamond 320cm avalanche probe ( never used, EVER, bought the week i was posted from Alberta) 75.00
X8 Ice screws.... X2 16 cm BD,, X3 18 cm BD,, X1 10 cm BD,, X2 16cm Omega.. .. 25-35 each.
OLD, Foot fangs, good for a 2nd or 3rd pair in order to introduce a friend to the great sport. 15.00
Scarpa Inverno Mountaineering Boots size 42 or 8 1/2, 100.00
x10 or so quick draws

more gear that a typical mountaineer/ ice climber would have if you think you are intrigued send me an email or text at 506-447-9483 I will snap a pic and text it back to you... I will post [pictures of all gear this weekend. call this a feeler :?
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Re: selling EVERYTHING ( well almost)

Postby travisrthomas » Thu Jan 16, 2014 9:15 pm

whats left>?
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