Banff Mountain Film Festival Fredericton

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Banff Mountain Film Festival Fredericton

Postby Nihoa » Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:46 am


Presented by the UNB Rock & Ice Club and The Radical Edge

Fridays, January 30th & Saturday January 31st, 7pm
McLaggan Hall, UNB Campus

Tickets: $12 advance, $14 at door. Tickets available at the Radical Edge and the UNB climbing wall.

Come to the Banff Mountain Festivals — for adventure, for excitement, for the inspiration of mountain stories. Experience the exhilarating beauty of mountain landscapes. Meet the world’s top adventurers. Listen to their stories. Relive their challenges. Reconnect with adventure.

Friday, Jan 30th
1) The Red Helmet
2) Dosage V: Meltdown
3) Journey to the Centre
4) Silent Snow
5) The Sharp End - Eastern Europe
6) The Last Frontier - Papua New Guinea
7) Crux

Saturday, Jan. 31st
1) Under the Influence
2) If You're not Falling
3) Red Gold
4) The Sharp End - Lisa Rands
5) Papiroflexia
6) Committed 2: Grit Kids
7) Seasons

Committed 2: Grit Kids
Alpine Club of Canada Award for Best Film on Climbing and Audio Post-Production Award
UK, 2008, 22 minutes
Focus: rock climbing, family story
Adrenaline Factor: medium/high
The teenage brother-and-sister team of Pete and Katy Whittaker burst onto the climbing scene with a series of spectacular ascents on grit. One evening after school, with his whole family assembled to watch, Pete makes the extraordinary first ascent of a truly iconic line.

Crux - Banff tour edit
People’s Choice Award for Radical Reels
Canada, 2007, 12 minutes
Focus: trials mountain biking
Adrenaline Factor: medium/high
Subtitles: No
Combining sheer difficulty with creative style, three athletes execute mind-bending feats of bike mastery and redefine technical riding standards.

Dosage Volume V: Meltdown
USA, 2008, 12 minutes
Focus: rock climbing
Beth Rodden makes the first ascent of Meltdown, one of the hardest traditional routes in the world.

If You’re Not Falling
Best Short Mountain Film
UK, 2008, 8 minutes
Focus: rock climbing
Adrenaline Factor: medium/high
Subtitles: no
Canadian rock legend Sonnie Trotter heads to Scotland to do battle on another “hardest rock climb in the world”. As each day passes, he collects more and more air time: fifty-foot falls from the steep rock buttress that plunges down beneath a historic castle. “Well, if you’re not falling, you’re not trying,” observes Trotter.

Journey to the Center
Best Film on Mountain Sports
USA, 2007, 55 minutes
Focus: exploration, BASE jumping, culture
Journey with three world-renowned BASE jumpers as they travel 10,000 miles to confront the mist and mystery of an old cave, an ancient culture and their own demons at the center of their dangerous mission: Tian Keng, the Heavenly Pit.

The Last Frontier - Papua New Guinea
USA, 2008, 18 minutes
Focus: kayaking, exploration, culture, environment
Adrenaline Factor: medium
Subtitles: a few short ones to clarify radio conversation
The Epicocity crew travel to Papua New Guinea to document the island of New Britain’s pristine water, habitat and intact indigenous culture through an exploratory caving and kayaking expedition.

USA, 2007, 3 minutes
Focus: environment, animation
Adrenaline Factor: low
Subtitles: no
An origami tale of a skillful paper folder who could shape the world with his hands.

Red Gold
People’s Choice Award
USA, 2008, 54 minutes
Focus: environment, culture
Adrenaline Factor: low/medium
Subtitles: no
At the headwaters of the two largest remaining sockeye salmon runs on the planet, a proposed mine may require the largest dam ever constructed to contain the toxic
runoff. Native, commercial and sport fishermen oppose the proposed Pebble Mine, while mine officials argue the case for development. At stake is a unique way of life that would not exist if the salmon didn't return with Bristol Bay's tide.

The Red Helmet
USA, 2008, 6 minutes
Focus: multiple action sports
Adrenaline Factor: medium/high
Subtitles: no
Overcome with fear, a young boy runs into the forest. He finds a magic red helmet and goes on the adventure of a lifetime. Slowly building courage, he is transformed and returns to confront his boyhood fears.

Special Jury Award
Canada, 2008, 25 minutes
Focus: mountain biking, stories
Adrenaline Factor: high
Subtitles: no
Some of the world's best mountain bikers share their personal challenges, victories, and adventures through the course of four seasons of one year.

The Sharp End: Eastern Europe
USA, 2008, 17 minutes
Focus: rock climbing, tower jumping, culture
Adrenaline Factor: high
Subtitles: limited, from Czech and German
Parental Guidance (coarse language)
A talented group of climbers explores the unique history, culture, and danger of one of the world’s most remarkable climbing destinations.

The Sharp End: Lisa Rands
USA, 2008, 6 minutes
Focus: bouldering
Adrenaline Factor: medium/high
Subtitles: no
Parental Guidance (coarse language)
Lisa Rands shows us the drive, talent, and courage needed to climb challenging and scary “highball” boulder problems.

USA, 2008, 10 minutes
Focus: culture
Adrenaline Factor: low
Subtitles: some (from Quechua)
A Peruvian family journeys into the Andes to cut enormous blocks of ice, bringing them down to the valley to make colorful shave ice treat called Shikashika.

Silent Snow
The Netherlands, 2007, 13 minutes
Focus: environment, culture
Adrenaline Factor: low
Subtitles: yes (from Greenlandic)
Dangerous pesticides from all over the planet are being carried to the poles by northbound wind and waves. Against a background of melting ice, two girls in northern Greenland discuss the pollution that is dramatically changing their lives.

Under the Influence
USA, 2008, 12 minutes
Focus: skiing, snowboarding
Adrenaline Factor: high
Subtitles: no
Parental Guidance (Coarse language)
Follow the mind-blowing efforts of today’s top riders in the amazing conditions that emerged from one of the deepest winters in recorded history. This special version for the Banff tour features relentless powder in Jackson Hole and incredibly steep spines in Alaska.
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